High-Tech computer corporation, the manufacturer of HTC smart phones has found a stable position as mobile phone developers since there invasion in 1997. They are famous for introducing Android operating system and applications very first time in the mobile phone. Still they have the niche in the international market by launching astonishing phones with various updates.  Handling such mobile phones is quite simple and easy except the common errors that arise in it. As we are the best HTC service center in Chennai you can count on us regarding any issue with your phone. We will diagnose the problem and repair it as soon as possible.

The common problems that you can get in your HTC phone are,

  • Malfunction of Camera lens
  • Starting trouble
  • Mobile restarts again and again
  • Notifications keep vibrating
  • Flash light problem
  • SIM card slot malfunction
  • Problem with the apps

These are some habitual errors that are occurring in a routine manner. Since the mobile phone comes with a maximum of one year manufacturer warranty you won’t be discovering any issues at this time period. But as time passed there are possibilities to see the above listed complications one by one. By understanding this, we are maintaining a single-minded and studious team at our HTC service center in Chennai to look into such issues with your HTC mobile phones.

The latest version of HTC phones has features such as you can connect your TV and mobile with the screen mirroring ability. This might lead you to some serious problems if you won’t handle the setting in the recommended way. Our professional service men has proven records of solving such issues without any error. This shows that you can rely on our dedicated team for any kind of issues in your phone.

Unlike our competitors we are maintaining a passionate team of certified professionals who are striving a lot to discover latest problems and solutions for the same. Hence you can expect a neat and worthy service from us that is suitable for your money and time. We will deliver your phone at your place at once finish servicing it.

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