Sony Corporation is into Mobile phone manufacturing since 2001. It has been snatching its customer with its unique and transparent technology that is not available with any other manufacturers. The Sony mobile phones are famous for their sound system and clarity in voice as well as video calls. The camera and security feature are the key things that hypnotize over millions of customers worldwide. Even in such a highly secured device small break in its functionality can make you upset instantly. To keep off from all your worries we are providing the best assistance from our Sony mobile service center in Chennai.

The major problem our customers reporting to us are change in colour shading in camera, this will develop once your mobile exceeds a year or two usages. But the warranty would have expired by the time you result with such issues. To help you out at that time we are maintaining a loyal team which is anxious about dealing with different and hard challenges every day. We hope this would make you to trust us regarding any issues in your phone. As a result we can give you a promising result by dealing with error that made you distress.

Sometimes the touch sensitivity of your phone would be unresponsive leading you to wait for the next screen to show up. This could be a possible issue with your hardware or software. Some possible solutions are that your screen protectors might be in contact with your screen. Many other service professional might not be aware of impact of screen guard on the touch screen, this method of dealing with the issue made us to stand away from the crowd as the reputed Sony mobile service center in Chennai. We have proven records of solving issues like this for more than a decade.

It is known to everyone that charging an Android phone for a long time or charging it before the battery drains will lead to unwanted battery related problems. One such issue is charging the battery too slowly. Eventually this will make a significant problem with the battery. So regarding any kind of controversy just contact our customer care executive.

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